IIII poems



bear in mind love

that you shall no longer conquer the age of my poems

(or the moon will slack

in a thousand hideous bodies

upon the nerve



the king has no hair

and the queen says if the rest

is nothing but all unknown fuck’d up phenomena

you can sit by my side

and observe slightly

how the fireflies remain unbroken.



beginning the rose

you always forget to wear sandails

if we are what we told

i’m gonna call you supermarket.



she said i very love love your freckles she said

but i do not know who the hell are you

i am half italian and half american he said

and i came here to marry you

would you…oh jesus this guy is as crazy

as the little finger of my left hand naked

a little finger for the little freckled he said

she miled he smiled and down we went.

Dorothy Harrys


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